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Jan. 16th, 2017

My computer wasn't working for a while. Which was stressful. Having it back once again, I am celebrating by making lists because I love lists.

Favourite characters from favourite fandoms! First up: Star Wars and comic books. More to come!

Star Wars needs to be divided into sections because nothing can truly express my lifelong love of Star Wars.

Original Trilogy:

Luke & Leia equally! (Though Luke won that race for much of my childhood.)

Expanded Universe:

Aayla Secura & Quinlan Vos


Ahsoka Tano

Rogue One:

Chirrut Imwe & Baze Malbus

Batman & related comics:

Dick Grayson, far and away

Cassandra Cain

Barbara Gordon


Harley & Ivy

Other DC/Vertigo:


John Constantine (asshole)

Death & Delirium

Marvel comics:

Clint Barton


And, I can't pick a favourite X-person, but I will say that as a kid in the 90s, two of my favourite accessories were a yellow jacket and red wrap-around shades.


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