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Dick/Babs (They are my true OTP. They've definitely both been in other, good relationships -- I have a head canon that Dick is panromantic demisexual -- but they are meant to be together in the end.)

one-sided Harvey/Bruce (One-sided in every context Two Face can offer. I 100% believe that DA Harvey Dent had a total crush on Bruce, which Bruce either didn't notice or ignored. Two Face Harvey Dent furiously will not acknowledge this.)

Clark/Lois (Need I really say more?)

Harley/Ivy (ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I will accept the ocassional inclusion of Selina.)

To be fair, I ship a lot of pairings in the DC universe(s). But these are my favourites.

Also, just favourite relationships in a non-romantic way:

Dick & Damian, Dick & Jason, the Robins together, Alfred and his "grandsons", Jim and Barbara Gordon, Young Justice friends.