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To follow up my previous ramble, some Skyfall fic recs:

so you were never a saint. by paperclipbitch “I think Bond’s trying to be your friend,” Eve tells him. “…well,” Q says slowly, “this is a new and disturbing development.” (asexual!Q, friendship)

fingers (or: the one in which some people are musically inclined) by oakleaf In which Q is good at everything, Eve and Bill are musically talented and 007 is jealous. (friendship)

With Your Hand In My Hand We'll Still Stand by torakowalski The crisis is over but no one at MI6 is sleeping yet. (post-film, Q/Tanner)

And Maybe We'll Sleep Tonight by torakowalski There are many interesting things in Q-branch. (Q/Tanner)

untitled ficlet by Jen Nobody had seen it coming. (Q/Tanner)

Quriosity by dr_girlfriend Bond finds himself increasingly curious about his enigmatic Quartermaster and the secrets he keeps. (Bond/Q, slow-burn, wip)

There still needs to be way more fic involving Tanner, Moneypenny, and Mallory. With the three of them being awesome and efficient and saving the empire with much less fanfare than Bond.
...remember when I used to actually post fic instead of just rambling? I should work on that.

In the meantime, just throwing it out there that I think the Skyfall fandom needs more Tanner/Q, Tanner/Mallory, and friendship between Q/Tanner/Moneypenny. Yup. More Tanner and Moneypenny in general, really. I have ideas


...does anyone else ever have the issue where they really want to see fic for someone else's fic?

Because I'm not going to lie, the one thing I would desperately love to see is a crossover between Due South and Josan's The Lodge (which is an AU post-series Krycek/Skinner X-Files fic set in northern Ontario) with Fraser and RayV being best bros and epic issues and awesomeness. Yup. I have problems. 
Some rare Shakespeare (and Shakespeare-related) recommendations for you all.

Much Ado About Nothing
Holiday by imaginary_golux The King of Misrule and his wife have a taste for Princes... Written for Porn Battle XII. (Benedick/Beatrice/Don Pedro, explicit content)

Twelfth Night
as we drifted toward the storm by Muir_Wolf It’s happy, but it isn’t the ending. His sister returned to him, and yet sometimes she is a stranger at the edges, shadowed and uneasy in the half-light. (Olivia/Viola, Olivia/Sebastian, Orsino/Viola, Antonio/Sebastian)

Sea Change by marketchippie "They grow up odd, symmetrically so." The trajectory from Viola to Cesario—and from sister to brother. (Viola/Olivia, Sebastian/Olivia, genderqueer, alternate ending)

Journeys End In Lovers Meeting by amelia-petkova Viola and Sebastian have always been fond of a good jest. On this occasion, they make a bet that involves their spouses. (Olivia/Viola, Olivia/Sebastian, Orsino/Viola, Orsino/Sebastian, humour)

What You Don't See by irisbleufic If there's anything of which Horatio is certain, it's this: aristocrats' sons are prats. (Hamlet, Horatio)

At This Chance by irisbleufic Even this ending may chance to be more than it seems. (Hamlet/Horatio, alternate ending)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Discoveries by michals Rosencrantz enjoys discovering new things about Guildenstern (Rosencrantz/Guildenstern)

A Theory of Quantum Mechanics by Culumacilinte In which Guildenstern is bothered, and past lives are invented. (Rosencrantz/Guildenstern)
I have this weird issue of enjoying the idea of multi-amourous relationships for fictional characters. Particularly in Shakespeare. Such as: Helena/Hermia/Lysander/Demetrius, Viola/Olivia/Sebastian/Orsino, Beatrice/Benedick/Don Pedro, and Antonio/Bassanio/Portia. Each grouping all together or in any combinations therein. Also, odd pairings like: Mercutio/Tybalt, one-sided Iago/Othello, one-sided Emilia/Desdemona, and things involving gender-fluid!Rosalind/Orlando. Really, there just needs to be more Shakespeare-fic online in general. But I don't write quickly or consistently enough to pull that off on my own.

Thinking on this sort of thing...I also have a list of multi-amourous ships in other places, particularly: Marcus/Cottia/Esca (Eagle of the Ninth) and Clint/Natasha/Coulson (Avengers/MCU). I wonder why my brain goes there. 
Jumping on the bandwagon of a meme. You post the first sentence of 21 fics, to see how well you start your stories. Some of these are pretty old (and pretty bad), but I'm going to post them in chronological order, oldest to newest. Well, as well as I can remember the order. Bear with me. Here goes.

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...I'm not sure if any of these bode well for my writing. Feel free to ask anything you want about any of them.


Title: Violence Inherent in the System

Fandom: Les Misérables

Summary: for the following prompt on makinghugospin

Grantaire did not vote for any king, and Enjolras believes that supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony.

They are being repressed.

A/N: (Soo... this is probably not exactly what the OP wanted, but my brain works in funny ways. Have canon-era crack!)

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Mar. 6th, 2013

Just a quick note to say --

I now have an AO3 account! Feel free to drop by.
Title: Make Offence a Skill (part 3/?)

Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall) + Sherlock (BBC)

Pairing: eventual Bond/Q

Summary: The newest Q is, in fact, the youngest Holmes brother. This causes several problems - particularly when he goes missing.

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Nov. 4th, 2012

Title: Make Offence a Skill (part 2/?)

Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall) + Sherlock (BBC)

Pairing: eventual Bond/Q

Summary: The newest Q is, in fact, the youngest Holmes brother. This causes several problems - particularly when he goes missing.

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