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I know it's been quite some time since I've posted here, but I come bearing recommendations for Dick Grayson fic:

A Spot of Tea by paganpunk2 Alfred and Dick have a common love; tea. A series of shorts centered around a certain butler, Boy Wonder, and beverage. (This story is heartwarming and wonderful. I love the way it focuses on Alfred and Dick's relationship, in all of the varying stages of their time together. And the details about the tea make me even more pleased.)

Instinct by FinalArc Everyone has a breaking point. An off day. Bruce and Dick are on the warpath and Tim just wants to eat his cereal. (A good story that addresses some of the Bat Family issues the comics had always left unresolved. And, I am always a sucker for brother-relationships where these boys are concerned.)

Half Lost, Half Found by takadainmate Driven underground, Batman fights to keep Nightwing alive. There is a fight. There's always a fight. (This is a wonderful Dick and Bruce story, even if Dick is unconscious for a lot of it. It's believably tense, and a great bit of character exploration.)